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How To Invest In Real Estate In Colombia?

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Real estate, the preferred investment alternative for Colombians living abroad due to its low risk, and which is adjusted to different tastes and income levels.

The real estate market is consolidated as one of the investment opportunities preferred by Colombians; According to the Financial Superintendency, the housing portfolio increased by 6.75% during the year 2017.

This positive dynamic reflects the interest of investors in buying homes, both inside and outside the country. Since it is still a safe investment; Acquiring a property to live in or to rent is an excellent strategy to build your heritage.

Would you like to start investing in real estate? Now is a good time, because the prospects are favorable for tourism, foreign investment, and development in general. Also, the real estate market is evolving and today offers opportunities for small and large investors: from buying on plans to participating in funds for the financing of real estate.