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Four Keys You Cannot Miss To Start Investing In Real Estate In Colombia.

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  1. Advantages Of Investing In Real Estate

Investing in a property in Colombia has a little risk: when it comes to deciding what to do with the savings of life, or with remittances, our primary concern is to preserve our capital and then generate profits; investing in a property in Colombia has the little economic and physical risk.

You know theĀ  reasons for allocating remittances to real estate investment.

The wide range of real estate: there are projects for all tastes and budgets: from investing in plans, new or used housing, with subsidy or without subsidy and for each stratum. The best thing is that you find them in the region you want.

Valorization: real estate assets are assets that are maintained in good condition. The natural tendency is to be valued over time; in Colombia, given the right economic and political moment that the country is going through, in the vast majority of the regions the properties are being valued.

Financing facilities: the government and the private sector have become aware of the importance of the real estate sector, and everyone makes their contribution: lower mortgage rates, subsidies, control of inflation, facilities for the payment of the initial.

  1. Ways To Earn Money When Investing In Real Estate

Although there are many ways to make money in real estate, these are the simplest ways to get benefits:

Rental income: many investors buy a property with the idea of renting; However, they must understand the accounts right since it is not a passive income, sometimes repairs are usually generated.

Buy at low prices: some investors specialize in looking for housing in flat plans; when they are finished, they obtain a high profit when selling them at a higher value.

Buy homes to rent apart : it is typical to rent a room, garage or a plant in the case of duplex homes.

Valorization: a long-term investment is to buy a new home and wait for 3 to 5 years to then sell and earn for the valuation of the property; You can even rent and then make for the judgment.

  1. How To Get A Loan For Your Investment In Real Estate

There are no reasons why a hard-working person can not invest in real estate in Colombia from another country. You need a little planning and perseverance.

Savings: You can join the exclusive programs for Colombians living abroad; private funds for housing financing in the country. Once you meet the requirements, you can opt for credits.

Loans: the financial system supports your plans to acquire new housing in national territory: you only have to build a responsible credit history.

Leasing: under the figure of rental you can also become the owner of the home of your dreams and have the option to purchase at the end of the contract; The significant advantage is that part of the lease can be capitalized as payment of the initial.

  1. Where To Invest In Real Estate

The surveys indicate that real estate investors, foreigners, and nationals prefer to spend in housing: then they continue to invest in shopping malls, warehouses, and hotels; the houses with the highest demand are located in strata 2, 3 and 4.

To start investing in real estate, you have extensive information on the internet and excellent professionals in the real estate sector, who will help you select the best investment according to your needs.